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in partnership with box

BOX Box allows businesses of all sizes to share and store content online. It makes sharing and collaborating easy. Inside and outside the company. And with the Box app on all your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, all your important content can be access virtually anywhere. Because it’s built for business, Box is scalable and highly secure. And it allows you to see, track and control all your documents, all the time. What’s more all of this is available from only £3.50 per month!


Simple to deploy and maintain - Box works with what you already have, so it can be set up in minutes. Just a simple app to install and no hardware to buy.​

Stay up to date - Discover new and updated content with a real-time activity feed.

Grows with you - Box is all yours with a simple monthly fee per user. It’s easy to add users, so when you grow, Box grows with you. Saves money - There’s no need to invest in your servers. Box hosts your content in the cloud, so you don’t have to pay out for storage on-site.​

Security and control - Box gives full admin control over who can access files and folders. It also encrypts all your sensitive information, in the office or on the go. Online storage gives you secure backup and encryption to protect your important info against fire, flood or theft.

Collaborate - Turn any folder into a shared online workspace and invite others inside or outside your company to view, edit or add their own files. If several people are working on a file, you’ll always know which is the latest version.

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