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Helping your business innovate Voice, Connectivity,  IoT & More

The 'ROOT' of your communications



Connect your business with the most reliable and fastest providers in the UK. With leased lines, FTTC, 5G and broadband.

Collect real-time data from staff and assets whilst keeping everything secure protecting your business and staff. Enable team collaboration with the latest office suites and team video solutions.


Pink Parsnip was founded by Carly "The girl with the pink hair" Carly and her partner have over 15 years of experience in the communications and technology sector.


The company was born as a result of Carly realising that the large providers never put SME's first when it comes to customer experience. So she decided this has to change!

We understand that every business needs to be looked at individually identifying the current situation, solutions in place, where the business is and where you want to be.

For that reason, every client of ours gets the attention they need to ensure they take the right solution.


We value all clients and look at your success as the success of us. So no longer be treated just like a number and receive the full care and attention of Pink Parsnip.


Pink Parsnip have absolutely exceeded our expectations. Very professional, fantastic customer service and could not have asked for a smoother transition. Carly listened to our business needs and was brilliant in providing us with the best options for our business. Our process from start to finish was easy and stress free. We would definitely recommend Pink Parsnip for any telecommunication needs, they will 100% look after you. Keep up the great work!

Heena Mukadam

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